RAW is a volunteer-led anti-racism and equality initiative by BADLANDS.

We create impactful films and campaigns that show the experiences of people of colour in the advertising and creative industries.

Through storytelling we can evoke empathy, understanding and nurture much needed dialogues. 

Our aim is to build inclusive environments and better people of colour's mental wellness.

We believe only then can people of colour and future generations bring their best selves to work, reach their full potential and as an industry retain talent.

We want you to join us in our mission.

RAW began in 2020 as an anonymous survey - thank you to the contributors, volunteers and our partners.


Can you spot the joke?

Social Media


We invite you to share your experiences, so that it reaches people outside of our echo chamber and is used to nurture much needed change towards truly inclusive places of work.

Please note that the responses will be treated as completely anonymous when published.


The Barber Shop


Mother London


Familiar Faces


Brixton Finishing School